Welcome to the New Life Healing Rooms webpage! How exciting that you have stopped by to check out what God is doing in Baton Rouge!

We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

\"In May my dad was diagnosed with cancer and told he should start aggressive chemotherapy as soon as possible. By the end of July, his lab results had improved so much (with no treatment) that the doctor said he didn\'t have cancer anymore!\" Jesus still heals today. It\'s a fact. We serve a good Father. Today I am remembering what He has done and praising Him for His goodness and faithfulness!\" - Sarah on 2015-11-01
"Last December I had pain in my feet every time I walked, and I couldn\'t walk long distances. I thought I had made a huge mistake in not having the surgery that was recommended by my podiatrist. In January, I arrived in Turkey and my feet started improving. They never once have hindered me since coming here (where I walk everywhere) and I have had zero pain for several months!" - Lola on 2015-11-01
Today, my heart was healed from hurts and pain, I had a pain in all my bones and it was difficult for me to move, today I walk in freedom, healing was received. While under the Holy Spirit the LORD showed me how He was healing my scoliosis and circulatory twisted veins in my right temple. - Teresa on 2015-09-21
I had a refresh of the Holy Spirit, felt Spirit over my body, healing power over whole body! Confirmation of His presence in my life and ears opening more for better and clearer word from Him now and in my future. - Michelle on 2015-09-24
I came to the H.R. to intercede for a young boy of 12 with a rare form of cancer. Healing Rooms came into agreement that when they go to take x-rays before surgery that the cancer would be gone. THE CANCER WAS GONE! God is so good, and prayer is so powerful. There is a very, very happy family! Yeah! - Lenette on 2015-10-03
I struggled with depression, anxiety, & guilt over an incident with a family member. It over took me, and my spirit was so heavy. I came to the Healing Rooms many times for prayer. I am now free of the burden! The Lord lifted it from me and He set me free! Praise God, and thank You, Jesus! I have peace of mind that only the Lord can give. - J. on 2015-10-03
I went to Tears of Joy Healing Rooms on March 28th, 2015 to get prayer for my left leg which had pain when I tried to go for a run. \nThe prayer team prayed to grow my right leg out because it was shorter and it grew to equal length with the left leg. I have run since then with no problem. \nThe team also noticed problems with my hips and asked Holy Spirit to realign them. I believe any damage that may have happened to my pelvic floor from delivering 3 children has been completely healed.\nThe team also prayed for valves to open and close the way God intended them to do - my reflux is now gone and funny heart symptoms left.\nAll praise to my Healer and my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is my everything! - Keagan on 2015-09-27
I had an ugly growth on my forehead. My doctor referred me to a dermatologist. I had prayer at the Healing Rooms instead. In about a week and one half the growth disappeared. Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy. - Barbara on 2015-09-16
I wanted to come for prayer in person, but my leg and foot hurt so badly I could not even get in the car. So I called the Bread of Life Healing Rooms, and they prayed for me over the phone. I am a diabetic, and the pain in my leg was neuropathy. After talking to me and praying for me, I was asked to stand up and walk. I felt a pop in my leg, and I started to scream for joy because the pain was all gone. I rejoiced, and the prayer intercessors were rejoicing with me. I give praise to God and thank Him for this miracle. I will send everyone I know who needs healing prayer to the Bread of Life Healing Rooms. - Takaiya on 2015-08-03
I have felt better since you prayed for me. I was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and could hardly function. Since the healing prayer, I a still tired but I have more energy and am able to function. This is huge since I am getting ready to move to FL. I am so grateful and give God all the glory. I am coming out of agreement with the label of chronic fatigue and am claiming that I am healed in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! - Louisa on 2015-08-23

New Life Church of Baton Rouge will be hosting a Healing Conference on April 25 – 27 with our regional directors, Keith and Cindi Stone.  All are welcome.  Register online here!

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