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We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

Tonight I came to the healing rooms with progressive carpal tunnel causing pain up through my elbows at about a level of 8. After being anointed and prayed for I felt the pain pool from all areas of my arm into one small area. After further prayer I felt a few waves enter my body. After the prayer for healing was complete, I could feel NO pain in my hands, wrists, elbows and arms- zero! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus for your love fro me and thank you healing room prayer team for your faithful and loving ministry! You all are a blessing to me and my family. - T on 2014-11-21
On Christmas Eve, when taking out garbage, I slipped and fell on my right shoulder in a split second. I knew then that it was the kind of injury that could define me so I chose right them that I would be healed to the glory of God. I had an x-ray done which showed no breakage but rotator cuff injury that usually requires surgery. I chose massage therapy and did regain a lot of strength and ability to raise my arm - but not all completely.\nThe healing prayer team prayed for me and then told me to raise my arm - and I did - straight up with ease! I am so happy! 99% of soreness is gone. There is still some cracking in there but I\'m healed, Praise God! - Cathy on 2014-11-15
"What began as an investigation ended with a healing!\nThrough the prayers and the laying on of hands, my neck, spine and shoulders were healed of an injury that has caused my neck to fuse (the bone remolded that area of my spine, trying to correct an injury that occurred when I was an infant).\nAs they prayed for me it felt like a very hot liquid was poured down my back and it spread to my legs, and shoulders, moving down my legs. I felt my neck popping and cracking and loosening up.\nNow I can touch my chin to each shoulder and I can look up.\nIsn\'t God just Awesome?" - Claudia on 2014-11-15
Recently my husband and I visited the Healing Rooms of Olathe. We shared our dreams for creating a model farm where we can teach 100 young farmers methods for organic growing. We had been discouraged in our 6 yr journey to find a farm - we were financially in debt and had limited income due to health and underemployment issues. At the prayer room a team came together and prayed with us. We left highly encouraged and with renewed strength and hope in the faithfulness of God. 2 months later we found it. God has made a way for the negotiation of a mutually agreeable lease price. Glory to God!! We have also experienced multiple financial and health breakthroughs since our prayer time. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16 - Karen on 2014-11-06
Mr. Cao, who is 67, came last night for healing. He has a criple because of apoplectic sequelae.He could not smoothly move his both legsm for heaviness. After the healing, he is able to walk well. - on 2014-10-22
I will summarize my testimony before I begin with John 16:32-33. This is the basis of my faith, God can overcome any problem, He is bigger then all of them!! My daughter is 9 years old and she was born with a hole in the upper chamber of her heart which required an open heart surgery in 2007 at the age 4. The medical term was ASD. I spent the year prior to the surgery filled with depression and anxiety. I had a year to sit and worry, alone, scared to my core that my duaghter would die, have a stroke or just plain go through trauma. I felt I aged 10 years over the year. As it was, she made it through, but not wmoothly. An undiagnosed factor 7 blood disorder complicated things and recovery was worse than the surgery. In 2007, I did not know God, I was an atheist. In 2008, my eldest son got in trouble and caused me to move him to a Christian school, which began my faith journey, and my childrens.\nSometime in 2008, they discovered Honey\'s heart had developed scar tissue and a major artery was blocked restricting oxygen flow. I was in Winnipeg. Heart appt\'s were few and far between and the Dr\'s didn\'t give proper attention to the matter as they were flown in from India and not regular medical staff. \nI moved to BC in 2012. Honey\'s condition was seen in a different way, it had to be re-evaluated and quickly. Two appts to BC Children\'s quickly determined she needed a second open heart surgery (bypass) and soon I returned after the second trip, devastated. The day after, I spent a long time in my daughters room, when she was at school, crying and praying to God. Here is what He did when I woke up the next day, all anxiety was gone. I was INCAPABLE of negative emotion. I was calm, happy, and a voice in my head said "don\'t worry, God has it". This would be impossible for me without God. I don\'t handle medical stress well. I was so overcome by His presence, I wrote a mass email telling everyone what God did and asking for prayer for Honey. The email was positive and full of praise and faith that "God Had It". The response was amazaing! My daughter\'s teacher asked if I had heard of the Healing Rooms, I had not. She told me to check out the website. I did and it looked amazing. She was on the Healing Team in our city and arranged a prayer session 2 days prior to Honey\'s next major medical apt. Which included an echo and stress test. The ladies were lovely and I was so excited all day awaiting the session. They prayed for the Lord to heal her heart. Two days later we were ...
My son has a rare blood disorder called Factor 7. Itâs a form of Hemophilia and bleed outs can happen randomly. He needed 4 dental extractions in order to get braces. Before the first extraction great preparations were taken, he was given tranexamic acid to clot the blood and the tooth was removed surgically instead of twisting and pulling. The dentist was nervous and arrangements were made to take him to the hospital should the blood not clot. When the tooth came out, it came out with huge, hook like roots. If they had twisted and pulled it could have cost him his life. Three more were due for extraction and he got through two of them very smoothly not even requiring the medication.\nOn the last appointment, the dentist did an X-ray of the last tooth, and showed me that it would be the worst yet. The roots interfered with the tooth beside it and because of these roots he would have to dig them out around the neighbour tooth. He really didnât want to do it. My son was in a panic. On Wednesday, February 19th I brought him into the Healing Rooms for prayer. The team prayed that God would dissolve the roots of the tooth and it would come out. Two days later, on the Friday, we had a miracle. He was at home and the tooth fell out, with no bleeding and no roots!!!\nAmazing???... But not for God. We couldnât believe it. The tooth was well rooted and had no intention of coming out, and was in no way loose, God simply answered the prayers. \nI have brought the two teeth in for display, the one with the big root and the one that came out with no roots. \nI would like to thank the team for their prayers and so would my son, but most of all we hope his story will inspire others and bring them hope as to the amazing healing powers of our wonderful God, who simply loves his children so much that He bends to hear our prayers. - Quinn on 2014-10-04
Thanks for your ministry, I have prayed over the words I received and they line up with the ones I have got already. The spirit of heaviness has been lifted, I plan to return asap, I appreciate your prayers. Thank You, and God Bless your ministry..\n\nRegards,\n\nChris Feeney - Chris on 2014-07-24
I came in for a torn meniscus with crutches, my other good leg was also bothering me because I was favoring it more. The team prayed for my knee and as they did they received words of knowledge of things I was dealing with, that no one knew except me!!\nI left Fully Empowered and walking better than when I came in. Praise the Lord! \n\nThx SFHRs for your Prayers and Teaching. - Angelica on 2014-04-19
Today the Lord has healed my broken heart, delivered me from rejection & ringing in my ears. - on 2014-08-23

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