Welcome to the New Life Healing Rooms webpage! How exciting that you have stopped by to check out what God is doing in Baton Rouge!

We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

TOGO Healing Rooms training\nA man had suffered from migraines and sinusitis for years. He was invited to go to church for prayer, but did not respond to the invitation. He went to bed and had a dream that he was healed. He woke up the next morning and was completely healed & pain free! - on 2016-05-11
Antoinette had not menstruated for 8 months. She went to the hospital and was told that they suspect she is pregnant, but she is not pregnant. She came for prayer to the Healing Service. While she was sitting in the church she started menstruating! - on 2016-05-11
I came to the healing rooms in Marlton suffering with a brain tumor and Lymes disease. After many prayer sessions and surgery, the tumor is gone and the symptoms of Lymes disease are gone. Praise to our Lord Jesus ! - Debbie on 2016-05-04
The first time I received prayer in the healing room was two weeks ago. I asked for prayer for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I\'ve been struggling from for five plus years. For the past two weeks I\'ve been able to function and I\'ve had energy. I have been able to walk and even volunteer at the local food pantry. Praise Jesus! - Shannon on 2016-03-23
I came in with knee, hip and intestinal discomfort. Through God\'s Word and the Holy Spirit\'s residence in my temple of God I was healed. The temple I am in charge of was cleansed and all evil plans erased from existence. - Aaron on 2016-03-23
In June of 2015, Lanita and I had the honor of leading worship for the conference with Joan Hunter that was hosted by the Healing Rooms in Plain City, OH. We had a wonderful time of revelation, celebration, and times of worship that helped set the stage for Joan to release the amazingly profound but simple truths about healing the sick as she demonstrated and taught what she walks out in her own life.\nI watched and gathered ingredients that were being poured out from heaven and kept asking God to allow us to see and receive the simplicity of the power of God in what she was teaching.\nAt the time, it looked way too easy. Just pray, use discernment and then they are healed in Jesus name.\nI had experienced healing at times in our ministry. We had experienced several peo-ple receive new knees, rotator cuffs, backs, and even diabetes healed, but it wasn\'t consistent. It was sporadic and I did not know going into a service whether or not someone would be healed. I was longing for years to see the breakthrough that if someone wanted to be healed, they would be healed in the service.(Cont. on pg. 2)\nContinued from page 1: At the end of the conference, Joan spoke a prayer of impartation and it was simple but so tangible and rich. I can still remember those few minutes like it was yes-terday. I was suppose to be at the product table outside the sanctuary, but I did not want to miss what I knew I deeply desired. Standing at the back of the sanctuary with my hands raised, I could feel the presence of God surrounding us and I knew something had taken place. I believed in my heart that a shift had taken place, but I didn\'t know the fruit of what had just been released.\nSomething truly heavenly took place that night. My wife and I picked up the impartation and have walked it out ever since that night. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as we minister, if people want healed, they will get healed. In every service we have held since that night, someone has been healed with immediate, lasting results. Recently, a woman with Hep A, B and C for more than 10 years, was totally healed by just being in the presence of the Lord and receiving the ingredients of healing that were in the atmosphere. She went to the doctor and the doctor said "I don\'t know who told you that you have Hep A, B and C, but you don\'t have it now!"\nA man who could not stand for more then a couple minutes due to the pain in his hips and knees was prayed for and immediately received new knees and hips and stood at the altar for the entire service.\nThere was a man who had 4 ruptured discs in his back, arthritis in his neck, and 2 torn rotator cuffs. He had severe, chronic pain ...
I received a healing payer for my ear and my brain. The Dr. told me, I had a problem with my ear and a cyst in my brain. He also told me that after my surgery I will never hear again. but during the prayer session they told me that the Lord is healing me, then during the surgery the Dr. never found a problem, issue or cyst in my brain. Because I knew the Lord will manifest powerfully during Healing rooms of Olathe prayers. I am healed and all the glory is to God Almighty, thank you, Jesus! I love you so much, My King! - Soledad on 2015-10-15
After I was prayed for my check up at the Dr showed a drop in ocular pressure from 38 to 21 significant to not have surgery. As I was prayed for, I felt a warmth from his hand. Thanks to Jesus! - Nick on 2016-03-10
A week before Christmas, I came to your service and both of you prayed for my healing. Thank you for honoring me in such way, and for letting God use you in my journey to complete healing. \n\nToday, I\'ve an update: last week, I saw my specialist doctor, and he explained in detail the results of the extensive blood work he had ordered for me a week after the prayer session. Thankfully all my blood chemistry work were with in normal range ( he was especially impressed with my liver function tests, in addition to have no sign of cancer markers on my liver cells. Hepatitis is basically inflammation of the liver cells). He did a Hep B virus quantitative assay, and it came out to be 2,600. Because it was a low level (compared to the 70,000 numbers he had seen on other hepatitis B virus patients) , he didn\'t want to start me on medications at this time (PRAISE God!!) He wants to do another blood work after 6 months. So, my prayer continues for the Hep B virus to disappear altogether because it does not belong there.\n\n I lift up my God ! Because of His mercy, my liver is functioning well, and my blood chemistry values are normal. He is in control, and I get to breathe and live another day; I do not deserve it at all!\n\nThank you! and God bless your relationship with Him\n\nfreweini\nfrom East Bay - Freweini on 2016-01-25
I just wanted to give you an update on my healing after the visit at your Healing Room. When I went home, I was able to use the bathroom with very little difficulty. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and told me that I was able; to let me know that He has begun my healing process, but that it will not happen all at once, but over time. He told me not become anxious and impatient. I have been impatient over this because I had not received healing for this. When I used to go to bed, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to try to use the bathroom. Since my visit with you and your prayer team, I have NOT had to wake up at all, and am able to sleep the entire night until I wake up. I have been able to use the bathroom without a catheter since my visit. I also no longer have discomfort in my stomach and intestines and have been able to have BMs without much effort. God has taken that away as well!!\n\nI GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY, HONOR, PRAISE, WORSHIP, AND CREDIT FOR THIS!\n\nI was not able to walk without some pain in my hip area, but now that pain has diminished greatly, even though I was not prayed for this. GOOD IS TRULY A GOOD GOD!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!\n\nThank you and your prayer team for having a Healing Room for people to go to in times of need. God richly bless you, and cause your ministry of healing to grow more powerfully, and that word will get out about your services so that more people will take advantage of this wonderful service. I will continue to pray for you that God will bless you mightily, and that He will cause your Healing Ministry to grow to reach many, many others who need healing.\n\nPlease pass this on to the other prayer team members of your staff, and let them know what happened because of your anointing me with oil, laying on of hands, and praying for my healing to that it will encourage them to continue to do God\'s work in this powerful ministry He has given you. - Mr. M. on 2016-01-29


 Spring Team Training  

  •     Begins Thursday, April 7, 2016
  •     Continues each Thursday through June 9, 2016
  •     Time:  6:30 – 8:30 PM
  •     Location:  365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge
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