Welcome to the New Life Healing Rooms webpage! How exciting that you have stopped by to check out what God is doing in Baton Rouge!

We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

I have had a sore neck and shoulders, which resulted in dizzy spells and my vision turning around. I asked the Lord happened to cause this, and He said it was the result of an accident. \nPhysio only helped for a short while. Then one of the healing team said how about shock and trauma? We broke it off and since then I have been free of pain and dizzy spells. Wil - Wil on 2015-07-31
I believe the curse of yeast was broken, as I began weeping as they prayed specifically for that condition. As they ministered, a member of the team said that they saw a picture of the beach, blue water, a shipwreck, and the rebuilding that was taking place as the good outcome of the shipwreck. As my family and I had lived in Thailand as missionaries and went to Bali to snorkel. The pulling out of arrows and healings to the wounds of past relationships hit the nail on the head. - Judy on 2015-07-20
As I came onto the property, I had a very real sense that I had nothing in and of myself to offer towards my healing. I knew that I was completely dependent upon God to meet me here to be healed. God did not disappoint me. He met me where I was and brought me all the way home. He brought release through transparency and forgiveness. Deep release of mourning. \n\nLeaving the Healing Room, I felt restored and that a huge weightiness had been removed off of my chest. I feel free to love and to be loved. I believe hope has been restored to the dreams and longings of my heart.\n\nThank you for loving the Body of Christ through this ministry. - Lisa on 2015-07-20
Thank the Lord for he is good. God is healing me from depression. I no longer have bad thoughts. He is able to heal and restore brokenness. I give Him all the praise and glory. - Alegra on 2015-07-22
I have severe back pain. When the healing team ministered I felt heat spread through my lower back and neck. I checked the ladies hands and they werenât warm. I felt pressure and they barely touched me. The tightness and stiffness has loosened, the affected area has no pain... - Michael on 2014-01-28
I have pain when standing or walking. Also I have week lungs â heavy breathing. When I received ministry I realized I had not asked God to forgive me for staying in smoke-filled rooms and I had not forgiven the roofing company for their negligence exposing me to sulfur gas. Since prayer, I am not experiencing heaviness in my lungs, it is gone. My hips donât hurt walking around anymore. - Daniel on 2014-01-28
Iâm dealing with general fatigue from overwork; I also wanted prayer for concerns with a new relationship. During ministry I received a sense of peace and rest, reassurance of Godâs love for me; affirmation of Godâs care; received prayer for wisdom, discernment and guidance. I am now feeling a general rest, relief and peace. Feel encouraged and inspired, being renewed of Godâs love. Thank you! - Stephen on 2014-01-28
I endured horrible neck and back pain every morning and could not do much till the afternoon without pain meds. When I was prayed for by the team at the Healing Rooms the pain was gone immediately! PTL. As a result the prayer I received I wake up pain free in my neck and back every morning and get busy! - Joyce on 2014-09-18
I asked prayer for arthritis and Hashimoto thyroid. As a result of ministry I am turning head and neck without the crunching in my neck/bones, the pain in my left hip stopped, and the thyroid size diminished. - Heather on 2014-01-28
I came to the Healing Room with a lot of emotion and guilt from divorce, the drama and heartache. When the team prayed for me I received a vision of God taking my old âbookâ, wrapping it with a bow and placing a new one in my hand. So many unexpected tears came, a sense of peace and weight off my shoulders - Rhonda on 2014-01-16

New Life Church of Baton Rouge will be hosting a Healing Conference on April 25 – 27 with our regional directors, Keith and Cindi Stone.  All are welcome.  Register online here!

Peter's Shadow Healing Conference


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