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We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

Naomi R -\n\nSince April 25, 2013 I was poisoned with an antibiotic called LEVAQUIN 500mg which had left me with excruciating sharp stabbing pain in my right knee, (in the area of the patella tendon/ligaments) and affecting my ligaments and nerves in my groin area. I could walk a reasonable distance but once I would sit down I couldn\'t get up and start walking without excrusiating pain.\nI\'ve been claiming the healing of my Lord Jesus but the pain would only diminish somewhat, and return once again with more painful intensity. I kept praying by faith to my Lord Jesus for my healing. Something was missing...\n\nLast night a thought came into my mind to google healing conferences which I did and watched a few minutes of videos. I didn\'t feel any peace so I went to sleep.\n\nThis morning I had pain, and again a thought came to my mind to google Christian Healing in Northern CA and there I found the website for Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, San Francisco, etc.\n\nI decided to call and see if there was a healing room in the area were I would be. I called and left a message and about an hour later Margaret De Martini the Director returned my call.\n\nI explained the situation to her and she decided that we should pray, Praise God! as soon as she spoke directly to my condition and told it to leave me, I felt an urge to get up and see if I still had pain, Praise God!! Thank You Jesus!!! the pain was gone!!!\nI was so excited I started jumping up and down and lifting and bending my right knee, something I could not do before.\n\nAs I write this testimony I\'m sitting down and standing up, and walking with no pain! Praise God!! Hallelujah!!!!!\nThank you Jesus! - Naomi on 2015-06-22
Hi,\n\nAfter horrific back pain which came on suddenly on Christmas of 2012 and stayed for around two years, i was in and out of hospitals with the type of physical pain that rivals child birth. Sometimes the back pain was so severe, i ended up in hospital on Morphine. I remember one time, the pain was so bad and when i say bad, i mean 10 out of 10 pain, that the first lot of morphine hardly took the pain away. Even the nurse was surprised and looked very concerned at the pain that was wracking my body. I hated the way morphine made me feel and the other strong pain killers i was given for home.\n\nInitially the doctors thought it was kidney stones but after a barrage of tests including scans, MRI, nothing was diagnosed. The doctors and Specialists were completely baffled. I had remembered hearing about God\'s work of healing and reading about testimonies taking place at the Healing Rooms and one night last October, I went to the San Francisco Healing Rooms and God touched my life and it seems my back. I was prayed for and anointed with oil. I never again had pain in my back after that night. One night of leaning on God\'s healing power changed everything. That night God met with me, I felt His presence in the room and He ministered to me in a sweet and gentle way. He fixed whatever it was that had caused me to languish in pain. He healed my back as I trusted him in faith and having exhausted every possible medical avenue! From the days of curling up into the fetal position to feeling like my normal energetic self with literally no back pain, I thank God for his healing power in my life.\n\nGod bless and thanks!\nSarah - Sarah on 2014-10-17
I had several blood tests on my kidneys and the results were: moderate kidney disease. It was getting worse with each test.I came to the Healing Rooms desperate for God to heal me. They prayed for me and God healed me. The next blood test was clear; I was completely healed! I am now free to eat and drink whatever I want. Jacquie - Jacquie on 2015-05-05
Two years ago I was healed of High Blood pressure after prayers in the healing rooms. Last month I received prayer in the healing rooms for a mass in my breast. After that the surgeon performed a needle biopsy, but the mass was gone. - Anita on 2015-05-05
I had a mass in my breast. After prayer in the Healing Rooms I underwent surgery. The Surgeon could not find the mass, I was healed. - Carol on 2015-05-05
My Healing Story: The arthritis in my body was debilitating; it was interfering with my life, and physically with my walking. I had prayer and the team felt led to ask whether it could be something to do with fear and the need to forgive. I didnât think I had either, but the moment they anointed me with oil on my forehead and down my nose, the Lord showed me I was in fear about a potential biopsy on my nose. Once I confessed the fear and forgave, the pain and heaviness started to lift. The next day I could walk around freely, without 90% of the pain and heaviness. Further to this, the following week, a team member received a word for me about my spine. After more prayer, more healing has occurred and I am now pain free.\nThank you Jesus, I am so grateful for your love, grace and healing. Sylvia. - Sylvia on 2015-04-20
I was here 6 months ago and I prayed the Lord would rescue me from the devil\'s clutches I was in. The Lord was faithful and he rescued me. He gave me back what the devil stole from me. Now I\'m engaged and praising the Lord because he is good all the time and keeps his promises. - JR on 2012-10-31
The Lord delivered me from the spirit of fear. I give thanks to the Lord! - David on 2013-02-22
20 years ago I tore a muscle in my lower back. Over time thick scare tissue had formed creating pain and stiffness-sometimes extreme and unbearable. Prayer from the Healing Rooms brought about relief breaking apart the scare tissue. Lump is gone! Thank you all for your prayers and faith-And thank you Jesus Christ. - Tracy A. on 2012-08-22
I was healed of a brain injury that happened 30 years ago. The brain fog is gone! Thank you so much and thank you Jesus! - Marreen on 2012-05-03

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