Welcome to the New Life Healing Rooms webpage! How exciting that you have stopped by to check out what God is doing in Baton Rouge!

We are located at 365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana — on the New Life Church of Baton Rouge campus and are open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

The feed below shows the last 100 posted testimonies from IAHR.  Details can be found here.  God is healing all over the world!

After being prayed for in the prayer room for heart palpitations and shortness of breath - all medical heart and lung tests have been negative in results. They can\'t find anything that is wrong. All has been gradually improving and going away. Praise the Lord and thank you all who prayed for me in the Bothell Healing rooms. - on 2016-08-12
Arthritis in the feet, oh thank you for the relief! 85% gone! Left shoulder pain all gone! Knee pain all gone. Thank you for the freeing! Praise the Lord. - Barbara on 2016-06-09
Praise God, my leg was aching and your disciples in the healing room brought me to the great physician and now I feel NO PAIN. - Patty on 2016-06-13
I came and prayed for a little 3 month old baby that needed healing from lung surgery. Prayer was on Saturday, and by Monday the doctors wanted the parent\'s permission to use his X-rays, chart, and MRI to write it up in a medical journal. They are amazed at his recovery and have never seen anything like it! He went home that Thursday. - Diane on 2016-01-01
I had side pain for a long time and with healing prayer there is no more pain. I\'m healed, praise God. - E. on 2016-06-06
Thanksgiving for Corinnes' healing and for my relationship with Tim. Thanksgiving for friends and dad\'s cancer remission. Thanksgiving for relationship with Daniella, landlady. - Cece on 2016-02-13
After years of praying, as part of our new union contract, my job will finally be reclassified, which means a corresponding jump in pay. Minor, but a blessing. After six month with horrific upstair neighbors, property management is relocating them to a ground floor unit on the other side of the building. - on 2016-08-12
The Lord did amazing things for us that day with rolling snowball effect! We all feel different. Personally, I had had a blockage for several yerars because I couldn\'t do a certain thing God told me to do. I couldn\'t worship and guilt obliterated hope for the future. Elaine graciously let us receive prayer, Diane helped me submit to God. Joy spoke freedom and righteousness in Jesus' name and brushed those nesting, leeching birds off my head. Mark encouraged me to keep on seeking God\'s kingdom. This week I have felt free to say, "Yes, Lord!" and free to worship, cheering for Jesus with all my heart! I\'ve also gained new liberty to intercede! Gained with too! Yay! - Peg on 2016-04-23
Thank you Lord, I can see it is not a blur anymore. I asked for prayer for my eyes to be able to see, in order to read my word. I was sitting the lobby and started to read my papers. My vision is back, I can see! - Andrea on 2016-05-05
I came to the prayer rooms to intercede for my grandson who was scheduled for a MAJOR surgery on his leg.I had hoped he wouldn\'t need the surgery, but the surgery happened. The praise is that in less than a week he didn\'t even need pain killers any more, not even Tylenol! Recovery is going well. Praise God! - Diane on 2015-07-01


 Spring Team Training  

  •     Begins Thursday, April 7, 2016
  •     Continues each Thursday through June 9, 2016
  •     Time:  6:30 – 8:30 PM
  •     Location:  365 Staring Lane, Baton Rouge
Information about New Life Healing Rooms of Baton Rouge can also be found on our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/newlifehealingrooms